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Welcome to One Second Pictures

Let's Turn Ideas into Reality

Our Services

We create powerful visual content that connects
with your ideal audience

With more than 14 years of experience, we specialize in creative video production that helps small, medium and large businesses to interact with new and current clients to capture their attention and generate more sales and engagement.

Our focus is creating powerful visual content through a good story and visuals that evoke emotions and yield results.

We are located in Orlando, Fl, and we also serve clients across the country to help them reach their desired market.

  We Love Team Work    

Let's Create Great Things Together

persons blue eyes in close up_edited_edited.jpg
persons blue eyes in close up_edited_edi

Video Ads

Target prospective customers with

conversion-driving video content

Video Ads help boost your brand awareness and increase sales by

capturing the attention of your consumers through different media,

such as TV, Social Media, Online placement, or in a physical location.

Image by Eliott Reyna
man and two women standing near linked-c

Social Media Content

Communicate your brand to potential clients

on a regular basis.

We create visual content for your Social Media tailored specifically 

to your business, helping to build your brand a generating trust

with current and future clients.


* We offer different packages that adapt to your budget.

Private Property

Real State Videos

Showcase your properties with stunning visuals

and get more eyes on your listings.

Real State videos are the next best option to a real-life visit. With cinematic visuals, detailed graphics, and aerial views, you will help buyers mentally move in.


* We offer different packages that adapt to your budget.

Takeaway Pizza Boxes
Takeaway Pizza Boxes _edited_edited.jpg

Brand Videos

Share your brand's unique story

and capture your audience.

Brand Videos allow you to share your brand's Origin, Mission, Vision, Values, as well as what makes you stand out. Brand Videos help create loyalty and boost brand awareness.

Office   _edited_edited_edited.jpg

Team Videos

Grow your company with Videos 

that highlight your team and culture.

Team Videos help you attract top talent, effectively educate new team members, and assure each employee's long term success

and happiness.

Image by Battlecreek Coffee Roasters
battercreek coffee

Product Video

Showcase your  product's key features, 

unique selling points, and uses.

Product Videos help increase sales as it provides a detailed and stylish look for your products. These are used to boost promotion

and create teaser campaigns to generate interest and awareness. 

Meeting Room
Meeting Room_edited_edited.jpg

Training Videos

Walk viewers through a step-by-step process 

or teach comprehensive information.

Training Videos are perfect to share information with your audience.

You can use these videos to train your existing or new team members on anything you need including new or current business procedures.

Popcorn Movie
Popcorn Movie_edited.jpg

Testimonial Videos

Share powerful customer success stories.

Testimonial Videos put your existing customers on display to share their experience with your brand or why they love your business.


These videos are aimed at future customers who want to use your services or buy your product but haven't done so.  Watching satisfied clients helps alleviate concerns and generate trust. 

Family party

Event Videos

Capture a beautiful video that will live on

beyond the event.

Preserve the magic of your event long-term or share the recap with anyone who couldn't make it. Our crew will capture key moments from your event and create an unforgettable video memory that will last forever. From a family event to a business milestone, our custom story-driven films are all you need to document memories.


Video Packages

We offer video packages designed

to your specific needs. 

Whether you need a tailored corporate video production package or custom social media packages for content creation, we have you covered.

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One Second Pictures
Metal Stallic - Journeys to Success Event 2021

Metal Stallic - Journeys to Success Event 2021

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CFS Coffee - Journeys to Success Event 2021

CFS Coffee - Journeys to Success Event 2021

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Sunset Sweets by Nono - Journeys to Success Event 2021

Sunset Sweets by Nono - Journeys to Success Event 2021

Play Video
Samantha's Walls - Journeys to Success Event 2021

Samantha's Walls - Journeys to Success Event 2021

Play Video
A Barber's Cafe & Bar  - Journeys to Success Event 2021

A Barber's Cafe & Bar - Journeys to Success Event 2021

Play Video
Armandeus Waves

Armandeus Waves

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ChefOle Boxes

ChefOle Boxes

Play Video
Welcome to One Second Pictures

Welcome to One Second Pictures

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Espresso Afternoon at Stefi's

Espresso Afternoon at Stefi's

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